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Pull: 10,000 Lbs / 4,540 Kg
Speed: 32 Ft/Min / 9.7 M/Min
Cable Capacity: 70 Ft / 16 M

•  “Fast Line Speed”
•  Compact Short Drum
•  Includes Brake
•  Recommended cable 7/16”
•  Meets SAE-J706
•  Made in the USA


Rated Line Pull

Gear Reduction

Weight w/o Cable



Drum Size (L x F x B)

Cable Capacity

Recommend Cable Size

1st Layer Line Speed

Hydraulic Pressure Required

Hydraulic Flow Required


Additional Motor Options

Clutch Type

Clutch Control

Additional Information

•  General Industrial
•  Mining & Construction
•  Railroad
•  Specialty Vehicle
•  Towing & Recovery
•  Towing & Recovery (Carrier)
•  Towing & Recovery (Light Wrecker)

Winches, capstans and hoists are not intended to be used for lifting or moving of persons.

The last 5 wraps of cable must be left on the drum to assist the cable clamp in holding the load.

( Image may not be exact.)

“Fast as a Planetary” the Ramsey HDGY-350 is a dependable, rugged, proven hydraulic worm gear winch that combines exceptional line speed with brute strength and set the industry standard with 10,000 lbs. line pull and 32 Ft/Min line speed.