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Pull: 3,000 Lbs / 1,361 Kg
Speed: 16.7 Ft/Min / 5.1 M/Min
Cable Capacity: 70.0 Ft / 21.3 M

•  Recommended cable 1/4”
•  Blocked Clutch
•  Meets SAE-J706
•  Made in the USA


Rated Line Pull

Gear Ratio

Weight w/o Cable




Drum Size (L x F x B)

Cable Capacity

Recommend Cable Size

1st Layer Line Speed

Hydraulic Pressure Required

Hydraulic Flow Required

Motor Size

Additional Motor Options

Clutch Type

Clutch Control

Additional Information

•  General Industrial
•  Mining & Construction
•  Utility


document  7-H-7

document  Ramsey Hydraulic Worm Gear Winches Catalog

document  Ramsey Winch Industrial Selection Guide



Winches, capstans and hoists are not intended to be used for lifting or moving of persons.

The last 5 wraps of cable must be left on the drum to assist the cable clamp in holding the load.

( Image may not be exact.)

The Ramsey H-7 is a dependable, rugged, proven hydraulic worm gear winch that offers brute strength and set the industry standard with 3,000 lbs. line pull.